PA Hire

Our new PA system  will available for hire to agility clubs and other clubs in 2016

It is a three tower system with H777 radios.  These are private mobile radios that will give 16 channels of uninterrupted operation in the UHF460-470MHz band.

Hire Cost

50.00 per day


This will be carried out by Mike Palmer. To ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations.


The club or society will be tutored in use of the system, although, once set up, it would be a simple case of switching it on and off.

The same applies to the radios.

Who can hire the PA

The Hire is predominantly aimed at fellow Agility clubs but any other club can request it's availability.

Important note

The PA System is not designed as a music System, and is not meant to be
used for events such as Discos. Also, the equipment is for outdoor use only.

For further information please contact Mike Palmer at