New Kennel Club regulations

A new lower height option for agility jumps is being introduced by the Kennel Club, effective from 1st July 2016, which will allow agility shows to include a lower height jump for each competition size.  The full regulations can be found here.

At the committee meeting held on 22nd January Cornwall Agility Club decided to introduce the new Kennel Club heights at the match in November 2016. We discussed the new rules at length and we also discussed the possibility of introducing them at our July show. The committee agreed unanimously that this would involve such a lot of work at short notice that it wouldn't be practical, however we're looking forward to giving the new heights a trial at our November match.

Cornwall Agility Club AGM

Many thanks to all those who attended the AGM on Saturday 19th March.  The meeting was a great success with lots of ideas to take forward.  The club is looking forward to another busy year and we welcome any comments and suggestions for club activities.   Is there anything you would like us to do or is there anything we can do better?

Here are some of the main points of the meeting. 

Club membership fees are to remain the same.
We will be looking at dates for a club fun day and BBQ.
We are also looking at bringing in trainers once a month for Bodelva.
All the committee members remain the same.  (We must like it or be gluttons for something.)


Our autumn newsletter is out and it has lots of interesting articles.  Many thanks to Cheryl Duce for putting this together.

Cornwall Agility Club Autumn Newsletter

November Match

Well done everyone who took part in the match.  The results are on the events page.

February Match

The schedule is out and is now live on SWAP.  Please see the events page


Christmas doggy party

A great time was had by all at the doggy party held at Chenhale Farm on 19th December. 
Here are some of the photos from the day.

Rudolph and Santa get ready for the party...

 Muffin                                                     Musical sits

 The sack race

Jean collects a prize   

View on YouTube   

Kim and Max have a go at the
steeplechase course.....                               


  View on YouTube

The sack race.  We didn't see any cheating....


View on YouTube

Kim demonstrates the sack race technique


View on YouTube

The potato and ladle race.  Pat and Sasha



Sounding Off by Mike Palmer

Hi to All Cornwall Agility Club Members
The whole of the new Committee is committed to taking the club into a friendly and fun organisation. Where everyone one is welcome, yet still striving to maintain a high level of competitiveness that will final grant us 'Premier' status from the Kennel Club UK.

We have achieved a brilliant reputation amongst fellow clubs, and competitors, across the UK & Europe with many waiting in anticipation for our next event dates. There are many trainers itching to join in with our training sessions.

As the club moves forwards into a new era, there will be further up grades to the club's equipment. Included in this, will be a 'FINAL' development of the PA and radio system. We have had 'terrific' feedback for the clarity, and information from the main marquee, through the PA equipment that the club owns. For the 2016 season, this is going to be moved into it's final development stage.

The current operation of '1' main tower and a feeder system to each
ring will be changed to a 'NEW' three tower system with support PA
outside the main marquee.
How much is this going to cost the club???
Answer absolutely nothing.

The new system will be equal to anything that the current hire operators charge up to 1000.00 per day to install and operate, but more importantly, it will be operated within the Health & Safety guide lines. Furthermore, this system will open for hire to all agility clubs in Cornwall. Added to this, the current radio operations will also be upgraded. The radios we currently own, are the type that any parent can buy for their children as 'Walkie Talkies' from Argos or Tescos. Hence the amount of interference during our events. From next year, the radios will change to H777. This will give the club 16 channels of 'uninterrupted' operation. Only amateur radio operators are likely to work on the the frequencies generated by the new radios.
The Future Is Good The Future Is CAC !!!!

The PA system will be available for hire at excellent rates .  Please see our guide for more details.

(Note from Pat May (ex radio ham) - The new radios will use frequencies in the UHF460-470MHz band.  This band is not specifically allocated to radio amateurs.)