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News from the AGM held on 3rd March 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to the AGM.  We have had a committee reshuffle for the coming year.  Our committee is now as follows:-

Chairman - Mike Palmer
Vice Chair- Tina Simpson
Secretary - Kim Lawer
Treasurer - Pat May
Committee members - Jeanette Simpson, Cheryl Duce and Sue Hand.

A big thank you goes to Cathy Eaton who has been our treasurer for the last three years. 

The club has had a good year and we are going from strength to strength.  We will be continuing with Hoopers at our open shows and we are hoping to organise some fun days during the summer.

Some of you may have noticed that we now have four standard classes on the Saturday of our July show.  We felt that with the new progression rules many people would welcome the opportunity to have another standard class instead of a steeplechase.  We will still have the steeplechase on the Sunday.

At our November match we'll be using the new Kennel Club heights due to come in on 1st January.  This will enable us to alter the equipment during the summer when the weather's good rather than trying to do it in December.  We're able to do this as all the classes are special classes.

Next year we're hoping to hold the AGM during the afternoon so that people don't have to turn out on a cold dark winter's night. 



CAC open agility show 6th and 7th July 2019

Download the July Open Agility Show Schedule here

Closing date 2nd June 2019

Running in conjunction with the open agility show is the

Cornwall Agility Club and Mutley Crew Dog Club Hoopers show

Sunday 7th July 2019

Download the July Hoopers show schedule here

We have some excellent judges lined up for our summer agility show at the Royal Cornwall Showground.  There are great facilities plus Tesco just around the corner if you've forgotten anything.
This year we are running a Hoopers show on Sunday 7th July in conjunction with the Mutley Crew Dog Club.  It will be run under the Hooperholics (South) UK rules.  The closing date for entries is also 2nd June.  On the Saturday we will be running a Hoopers ring for those who want to try it out and see if their dogs like it.  There will be rosettes for clear rounds. 


This year's AGM is on 3rd March at the Victoria Inn, Roche, at 7pm.  All members are very welcome to come along.  If anyone would like to join the committee we would welcome some new members.  We would especially welcome anyone who would like to organise some training days for the club.  Kim can give you all the details and will help with this. 

Spring 2019 Match at Chiverton Riding School

The match is now full.  We don't have a waiting list but if you want to enter you can contact Clive Hildersley on the day before the match to see if there have been any cancellations.

Training Updates

Members if you would like to come along to the training field on Sunday afternoons at around 1.30 pm weather permitting, we have jumps and hoops set up for some training. If there's anything you want to work on let us know.  Updates can also be found on the Cornwall Agility Club Members only Facebook page

Entries to our shows

All entries to shows using the egility system are now being taken through the Agility Plaza website.  People wanting to enter our shows or any other shows that use this system will need to register with the site.  It's completely free to register and you will be able to see your results online.  You will also be able to see all of your UKA results and you will be able to enter and pay for UKA shows through the site. 
You will still be able to enter our matches through SWAP.

Please note:  Some people are asking why we changed to Agility Plaza and the answer is we had no choice.  We wanted to carry on using the e-gility system and SWAP no longer processes the entries for any club using this system. It will be the same for any club that uses e-gility.  It has to be done through Agility Plaza.  Agility Plaza works closely with SWAP. 




Club Polo shirts

Polo shirts like the one Kim is wearing and embroidered with the club logo can be ordered through the website. 

For information on the sizes and ordering please see the club clothing page.





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